The intention for this assignment is to see patterns of light—not things that are illuminated, or shadows cast by objects that block the light. When you work on this assignment, don’t try to be subtle. You will come across scenes where the lighting is dramatic or creates a glow or provides the basic ambience. There is nothing wrong with shooting fresh perceptions produced by these scenes. However, that is not what we are looking for. Here we are looking for the patterns of light itself.

Both sunlight and artificial light can produce radiant designs, but you will find it easier to work with strong, well-defined patterns of sunlight; it could be a shaft of light falling on the sidewalk in front of you or light coming through the window and falling on a table or a wall. You can shoot this assignment both inside and outside: wherever you see pools or stripes or reflections of light.

Paying attention to light is another way of staying in the moment, rooted in the actual experience of seeing things as they are. It is also a joy. The dance of sunlight has great power to cheer you up.