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small edit's, or black and white


Hi, I have seen a few pictures in here that look like they have been edited a little or changed to black and white. Is this okay to do? Thank you, Karen


It's fine to edit your images if the intention is to help express your perceptions. If you are just trying to jazz them up...

what my camera saw


So....my latest submission "what my camera saw" reminded me that there are many ways of being contemplative in photography. When I first snapped this shot, i was impressed by the different colours of the wood against the dark pool of water. What I didn't see was...the alligator that stopped by for a drink, the cougar looking at his reflection in the water or the large hand reaching down on the top left of the shot...where was I when all these animals appeared? Could it be that mindfulness is intuitive? Maybe our subconscious reveals the truth about a photo before our conscious acknowledges it? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Annie


Your first impression was seeing. After that, it was thinking. It's fine to tell stories about what you see, but those stories are more likely to obscure fresh perceptions than to illuminate them.