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Recent Questions and Answers:

What is Fresh


Maybe you could say a little more about what you mean by "fresh"? I'm trying to be open and non-judgmental when taking photos, but at the same time looking for something (color, texture) and "freshness". Not sure if I can do both at the same time. Thanks!


Fresh is another way of saying concontrived or unfabricated. It means a perception that isn't distorted by the thinking mind.

Space versus Simplicity


Thank you for curating the website for all of these years; It continues to present thoughtful photos. I keep reading and re-reading the instructions so I can tell Space and Simplicity apart. When I go to the Space gallery, I see many photos that I thought would be Simplicity. Many have a clearly defined object -- that my attention is drawn to -- against a plain background. I know that many photos could belong in different albums. Yet, could you please give some guidance, again? Thank you.


That's a tough one! Sometimes images are posted in the space gallery because that's the way they were submitted, and there is no other obvious gallery to post them to. That doesn't mean that they are good examples of space photos (the same is true for the other galleries).
The defining characteristic of a space photo is that visual space (sometimes called negative space) is the dominant element in the perception.