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We would love to hear from you. Please post your questions about contemplative photography, comments about the book, or other observations about contemplative mind and life. We will do our best to respond to whatever you post. (Please keep in mind that we are running as fast as we can, and may not get to this as soon we would like.)

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how can i add my photos in my account


how can i get assignment photos and how can i add my photos in my account


Please see http://seeingfresh.com/photo-submissions for instructions.

About use of the name Contemplative Photography


The adult ed photo school where I attend just offered it's first class in your type of photography. The students and instructor found it great fun and highly successful. Seems I had been doing some contemplative work all along. Took over thirty years to find out much of what I have been shooting has a name other than "abstract". My instructor several times wondered if you have the name "Contemplative Photography" trademarked. What can we title our class(es)? "Contemplative", "Perceptive", something else? What might be OK with you or others with currently organized programs and publications?


That's great! There is no trademark on the name contemplative photography. Anyone is free to offer courses with that title.