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We would love to hear from you. Please post your questions about contemplative photography, comments about the book, or other observations about contemplative mind and life. We will do our best to respond to whatever you post. (Please keep in mind that we are running as fast as we can, and may not get to this as soon we would like.)

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wabi sabi


Thank you for your work and this site. I was introduced to the concept of wabi sabi through one of Richard Martin's articles, and I felt like I had found a friend who saw the world as I do. Has the ancient idea of wabi sabi influenced your work?


Thank you! I can't say that it has.

Photo submissions


Hi there! Hope you are having a Great Summer! I was wondering if we submit a photo that you think belongs to a different category would you let us know and change it? Or no? ...just wondering! I love your site and your other - sight- too! haha! Thank you! Kim Meyer


You get a notification email when an image is published that tells you which assignment it appears in. The catagory might be changed if the image seems more appropriate for another assignment.